The Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating Skill Labels

September 25, 2020
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September 25, 2020 TEAMPLUS

When you set up a profile on a job search site, you are usually asked serval sets of questions about your experience and skill set. Many websites have pre-recorded sets of words in their database that one can search through to determine which one is most relevant to their skills. For example, when you log into LinkedIn and create a profile and add to the list of skills the website gives you a large list of skills from which you can choose from that most fits with your current array of skills. The list is designed to include the most common skills for the jobs of today.

Having a database of skills to pick from makes creating a profile easier because it is less time consuming than writing out every skill you have one after the other. But there are drawbacks. Job sites that only allow you to pick from a prearrange skill labels from a database do not account for the nuances that exist in people’s skill sets. Some skills intersect (social media, social media marketing) and many job site databases do no account for this, leading to users creating long lists of skillsets, many of which overlap and overcomplicating the list.

Being able to create your own labels for skills will help you to more accurately define your skills. With Team Plus, candidates can create a specially curated list of skills that will precisely define their abilities because it allows users to make their own labels for their skills. Being able to create your own skill labels will also help you in the new emerging job-market, where new kinds of skills and jobs are being created every day, allowing you to keep up with the advancement.