October 18, 2022
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October 18, 2022 TEAMPLUS

Employment – Passion = Self-Afflicted Wound

The times when our human and labor rights were systematically disregarded are over. Most of us receive a fair wage by industry standards, don’t suffer in mines or work under forced conditions. “Horrible bosses” is hilarious fiction, fortunately.

We have many options when it comes to choosing our profession and employer. It takes only a few months to find the first job after graduating and it goes much faster afterwards when we can show our first experience. Yet, most of us hate our jobs and/or boss and/or colleague. Why do we still suffer?

We suffer because we sacrifice our passion and dreams to maintain our perceived stability and security. First, the stability and security our employment provides is only fiction. We usually have no control over the company’s strategic direction (unless we own it) and over our job (even if we are indispensable, the job itself could become obsolete).

But we do have control over what we really want and whether we have what it takes to do it. For the dream job, do we need another specific training? Do we need to take a lower paid job to gather enough experience to get where we want? And then, the most important question – can we really accept our boss(es) as leaders? Do we really want to follow them and help them reach their goals?