Online Interviewing

October 1, 2022
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October 1, 2022 TEAMPLUS

Online Interviews

It seems like online interviews are a hate-love-story. Recruiters either hate them or love them. For positions that have a high number of applicants with similar qualifications, we feel that a recording of the candidate can give a very good impression of whether the candidate might fit with the team or not.

If a person likes their team and the team likes them, they are likely to remain longer in their job. So why not go by first impression? If there are any indicators that automatically disqualify the candidate, then why invite them to an interview? Why not avoid the hassle for the candidate and hire managers? For instance, when recruiting for a sales associate for high-end sport clothes and the candidate obviously does not have the appropriate style, then why invite them for an interview? When hiring for a dentist front office and the candidate has crooked teeth, then why not ask before the in-person interview whether they would consider fixing their teeth as a benefit of taking the job? Online interview recordings can be used to assess the candidate’s ability to adjust if asked to redo their recording changing XYZ.

It is clear that, above all, equal employment opportunities need to be upheld.