Burning Bridges

October 12, 2022
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October 12, 2022 TEAMPLUS

Never burn bridges

Never burn bridges. We have heard it many times but here is the reason why. There is a much better way to get back at people than burning bridges. The hard thing is patience. Of course, we could tell our boss what an asshole he is and let everyone else know why we quit. But once we have a new job and time has passed, this all starts to look very unimportant and we feel glad that asshole boss made us look for a better opportunity.

And if we are even more patient, a real payback opportunity might appear, if we still need that after such a long time. Because everyone gets what they deserve and the truth will always surface, it is just a matter of time. So, all we need to do is to wait. And with this I mean maybe 20 years.